A Portrait is Forever ... Not just for Christmas

5th November 2016

Family Portraits @ Gary Maxwell

The Christmas Run-Up

Well it's that time of year again. Been in denial all last month then EEEk !  only 8 weeks to go!

What do we get grandma.  This is when we get frantic phone calls to get into studio. But time is running out. It's not just getting the session booked, it's also getting back to see them.

I am booking well throughout this month and am counting Saturday 10th December as the last weekend for sessions needing images printed for Christmas. I will be offering some mid-week sessions after that, but these will be based on digital packages if needed for Christmas.

Another alternative would be to purchase a voucher. I will soon be having a December special on these starting from as little as £9.95.  Great stocking fillers 

  • Family Portraits @ Gary Maxwell
  • Family Portraits @ Gary Maxwell
  • Family Portraits @ Gary Maxwell

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