Byte Size - Pet Portraits

1st November 2016


They say – DO NOT WORK WITH CHILDREN OR ANIMALS - well guess what. I do both! I worked with the Guide Dogs Association for a over ten years and learnt a lot about how to handle and understand dogs. A trip to Crufts will show you how much people like and have time for their "babies"!

Over the past two weeks I have had a few such doggy portraits in studio. It is my policy to only have one pet session on any one day, else it is unfair on the second session. I also like, where possible, to involve the owner/ "parent". This helps put the pet at ease as the studio can appear a foreign environment to them .

If you bring your pet to me. follow these words of advise as well as the others mentioned. DO bring treats BUT keep them till needed. Before coming into studio do walk them around a little (not recommended for goldfish!). DONOT over exercise your pet. Bring their favourite toy. If a cat owner, make sure you bring a bell to put on its collar. That way we will be able to hear where it is when it hides in the dark areas of the studio.

Oh yes, before I forget. In my time in studio I have only been bitten five times… that was all by the same dog!! What a session. The owner bought well by the way… he had too!!

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