"If you go down to the woods today ....."

18th November 2016

This Sunday gone the studio was turned over to the Fairy & Elf Sessions. It's great seeing the faces of the young ones as first they see the setting, then get changed into an outfit of their choice, and then step into Fairyland. I have made sure that the setting is unique. The style I work to is very "Tolkienesque" in it's appearance ... I know... he had Elves not fairies.!

I have been offering these sessions for a year now and they have always been a sell-out. The next session is 4th December but is in fact full.. with a reserve list!. In the new year I am already booking for 22nd January. I have now allocated 19th February as well.

More details and images can be found on my Enchanted Page and if interested then send me a message via my dedicated enquiry page

Julie Quinn

Enchanted Sessions

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