Fun Boudoir - A fun cross between makeovers and boudoir

18th May 2017

Here is a recent session where the brief was for a fun version of boudoir. Easy.. a hybrid of Boudoir mixed with the fun of a Makeover ... great for the younger client. 

These type of sessions are great to get that very sultry look but in a very safe and comfortable way. If you want to get a gift for your special person then either voucher, Boudoir or Makeover will be suitable.

Do remember that the client has to be 18 or over to be photographed in a Boudoir style. 

Press Here for 720p Video

I need some images for my singing career...

11th January 2017

Just before Christmas I had a lovely young lady in studio by the name of Matilda Pratt. She actually came in on a Little-Miss-Model voucher, but when I found that she wanted to use the images for her promotional material I moved her onto my Models & Actors package so that she had all the permissions for usage and had joint copyright over the images.

At the moment I only have the one image to show as she is using the session as covers for her forth coming releases. I will post a Gallery during the year.

Click on the image and this will take you direct to her Facebook page. Take a listen to her videos. Excellent voice. Hope she makes it big time.

If you or your offspring need to put a portfolio together for what ever reason, contact me and together we can produce something to fit the bill. 

"If you go down to the woods today ....."

18th November 2016

This Sunday gone the studio was turned over to the Fairy & Elf Sessions. It's great seeing the faces of the young ones as first they see the setting, then get changed into an outfit of their choice, and then step into Fairyland. I have made sure that the setting is unique. The style I work to is very "Tolkienesque" in it's appearance ... I know... he had Elves not fairies.!

I have been offering these sessions  for a year now and they have always been a sell-out. The next session is 4th December but is in fact full.. with a reserve list!.  In the new year I am already booking for 22nd January. I have now allocated 19th February as well.

More details and images can be found on my Enchanted Page    and if interested then send me a message via my dedicated enquiry page

Julie Quinn

A Portrait is Forever ... Not just for Christmas

5th November 2016

Family Portraits @ Gary Maxwell

The Christmas Run-Up

Well it's that time of year again. Been in denial all last month then EEEk !  only 8 weeks to go!

What do we get grandma.  This is when we get frantic phone calls to get into studio. But time is running out. It's not just getting the session booked, it's also getting back to see them.

I am booking well throughout this month and am counting Saturday 10th December as the last weekend for sessions needing images printed for Christmas. I will be offering some mid-week sessions after that, but these will be based on digital packages if needed for Christmas.

Another alternative would be to purchase a voucher. I will soon be having a December special on these starting from as little as £9.95.  Great stocking fillers 

Great Expectations - B2B - Maternity

4th November 2016

B2B Portraits

Maternity Portraiture

In recent years Maternity Portraits have seen a resurgence. The term Bump 2 Baby became banded around. More recently B2B has covered two session. A Maternity shoot followed after the birth with a " Newborn Session" is now the norm.

However, maternity photography is still a "Marmite Product". Half of you girls ask "WHY !". The other half cant wait to do it.

In my studio I still like to keep things simple. Aim at personality. Create and capture a loving feeling. Take images that you are proud to show, not hide away because they are too risqué.

Byte Size - Pet Portraits

1st November 2016


They say – DO NOT WORK WITH CHILDREN OR ANIMALS - well guess what. I do both! I  worked with the Guide Dogs Association for a over ten years and learnt a lot about how to handle and understand dogs. A trip to Crufts will show you how much people like and have time for their "babies"!

Over the past two weeks I have had a few such doggy portraits in studio. It is my policy to only have one pet session on any one day, else it is unfair on the second session. I also like, where possible, to involve the owner/ "parent". This helps put the pet at ease as the studio can appear a foreign environment to them .

If you bring your pet to me. follow these words of advise as well as the others mentioned. DO bring treats BUT keep them till needed. Before coming into studio do walk them around a little (not recommended for goldfish!). DONOT over exercise your pet. Bring their favourite toy. If a cat owner, make sure you bring a bell to put on its collar. That way we will be able to hear where it is when it hides in the dark areas of the studio.

Oh yes, before I forget. In my time in studio I have only been bitten five times… that was all by the same dog!! What a session. The owner bought well by the way… he had too!!

The Great Outdoors - Making Family Portraiture even more fun

30th October 2016

Outdoor Family Portrait

The Great Outdoors.

In this country it can be difficult to predict the weather. So all to often the studio becomes the venue for your family portrait. Most families I meet for the first time in studio, but as they grow then on occasions getting outside in my second studio can be both fun and give great results.  This family have been good clients for over 10 years. I first met them when mum and dad brought one of these lads in on my cherub scheme.

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