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Welcome. You have arrived at this page by invitation from a text sent to you by myself. I received your details from The Click Photography group of which I am a member.

I have been informed that you are expecting a new baby in the near future. Well for the last 30 years I have been providing a B2B service to my customers and invite you to take a look at what I do and could do for you.

Your Questions answered

Q: When is good to come into studio

A: Around 32 weeks is a good time for bumps. The bigger your bump the better!

Q: What should I bring?

A: Anything sentimental for baby; a soft toy, a scan picture, baby bootees etc.

Q: What can I expect during shoot?

A: Remember most of you at first can be quite nervous but we'll soon ease you into it and very quickly you'll start to enjoy the shoot! Remember i am a professional photographer, putting you at ease  is what we do best , you'll soon feel relaxed and calm. 

Q: Can my partner and other children join in?

A: Yes - I encourage partners to be part of the shoot. Already have little ones? excellent, we'll gladly include them too.

Q: What should I wear for shoot?

A: Basically anything that reveals your bump! Linen pants, Crop Tops, T Shirts, Underwear or even PJ's! We will discuss other options like colours, textures etc with you at the time of booking. Keep outfits very simple

Q: Naked?

A: It's really what you feel comfortable with. This type of shoot is very personal. It's entirely up to you and what you want to achieve from it! Fully or Semi Clothed or tastefully nude, it's your choice! An unbuttoned shirt or wrapped in silky materials can reveal your bump nicely too! On the day of the shoot: Just arrive with your hair and make-up complete. It is a good idea to wear loose clothing, including underwear. so as to avoid any elastic marks on the body. Come along relax, enjoy it's FUN!

Interested ? Then text "B2B" to me on 07990 790 757

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