Little Miss Model - Makeovers for girls aged 8 to 15 years

Courtney 67


Every girl wants to feel like a little model and at the portrait studio of Gary Maxwell photographer  you can with the Little Miss Model photoshoot. Have your hair styled and make up applied by the professional makeup artist, before you have a fashion shoot on a variety of backgrounds. You will have outfit changes and different poses to make you feel like a star during your photoshoot. After the session you will be invited back to view your images and make your selection.


Take a look at the  "What to Wear" Page.  I think it important to bring a good selection of outfits. Five is a good number. A nice selection of smart and casual is good.  Do you dance? Do you do marshal arts?  What hobby's do you have?  All these questions will help give you ideas of extra outfits.

If you wear heels, bring them, they give you lift and shape.  Yes do bring your converse, they are age appropriate.  Jewellery... yes  Makeup ... yes for top up purposes, especially lip-gloss. 

Little Miss Gallery

Little Miss Gallery

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