Couples Sessions

Couples portraiture is all about togetherness.

I like to create images that are full of empathy and  capture the look that you are after and are fun to create. Choice of clothing is very important unless you have a specific idea then I would always look on bringing a change of clothing with a mix between both smart and casual

I cover more on what to wear after a preview of the gallery below

What do I Wear?

Couples Standard Portrait Session

Time wise this is  an hour session. Studio time is about 40 minutes. This time scale allows for two outfits two outfits to be used.  I always like to warm my client up with a more formal set and therefore this favors smart dresses and suits or smarter lounge wear. Lads... ties are optional.

The change can be into a semi-smart or casual wear. I really like a Jeans and white approach, but all this is saying is to keep things simple. Be warned I do use the floor a lot for this part of the session so be prepared for a work out!

The use of a jacket ( leather jackets are good ) can be added to the second outfit to give a third option idea

As a rule of thumb I always count traditional outfits as smart.

Ladies: Make-up should be kept at a medium level, but obviously will  be to your personal choice.  I would recommend also that  if you do not normally wear make-up to do so but very lightly..  again your choice. Paint nails at least with a clear varnish. Heels are good with the smart outfit.

Gents: Your outfits should take the lead from your lady :)  Easy

MakeOver Couples Session

Makeup and hair is about an hour: Session running time is 60 -90 mins which allows for about four outfits.   Again, start smart ( suit and smart dress).. then go casual ( jeans and white is a good guide) .. then smart casual again ( I often use a nice blue door scene for this) .. then casual again.  Also bring a jacket ( Leather is good)

You may like to look at common interests that you have for outfit ideas. Bring too much.

On occasions couples like to do something a little for intimate and risque like bare shoulder or showing off tattoos etc.  Useful to let me know beforehand if this is required so that we can talk it through to keep you in your comfort zone.

Ladies:  Bring some of your own makeup for top-up purposes or if you need special makeup. Note that we no longer apply false eyelashes or put hair extensions in so please sort this beforehand. Also paint your nails with at least a clear varnish. Heels .. yes.  Make sure your bras go with your outfits! 

Gents:  Your outfits should take the lead from your lady :)  Easy


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Same Sex Couples:

Read through the gender rules above and apply it to your selves. All the same rules apply.

Talk to me!

Spending a few minutes on the phone talking to me about ideas and outfits is time well spent. Text me on 0799 0790 757 to arrange a time

Interested But Not Booked Yet?

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