Newborn Art

Our Newborn Art Sessions are taken in the first two weeks of newborn's life. We love it. Calm studio, White noise in the background,turn up the heat ...action! .... or not! Mid-week sessions are free during the Winter months

Newborn Art is a very personal & unique experience that captures those first few days in a series of beautiful & intimate images. I recommend booking your baby in with us in the first 7 to 10 days after they are born. This is the best time for me to create this type of imagery as they are not quite as reactive yet & easier to keep asleep. This is a session just for your baby, so mum & dad can sit back & relax while I concentrate on creating your images. As this is a very slow moving session, it can take up to a couple of hours with your baby, so I advise you to bring along extra milk, & nappies. Baby needs to be well fed just before the session & ideally kept awake as much as possible in the couple of hours prior to the shoot. I do carry a lot of accessories ourselves but encourage you to bring along anything you would like using in your images such as funky hats, blankets, scarves & small soft toys. The more personal the accessories, the more unique the images tend to be. After your studio session, your images will be taken away & turned into individual pieces of Newborn Art. A week or so later, you will be treated to a slide show of your images, where I will guide you through your options for framing, styling & wall art pieces


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