The Great Outdoors - Gary Maxwell

The Great Outdoors

Family at Mill Gardens near Warwick Castle

In this country it can be difficult to predict the weather. So all to often the studio becomes the venue for your family portrait. Most families I meet for the first time in studio, but as the family grows then on occasions getting outside in my second studio can be both fun and give great results.

There are many opportunities throughout the year. Each season brings its own special settings.The snows of winter

Walking through the snowdrops... running trough the daffodils ... The Blue Bell woods

Full on Summer

Hay Fields

Kicking Autumn Leaves ... the scope is endless

This coming year I will be offering various outdoor sessions. They will be based on Wall Art and sold as a package. A package that can be added to but making sure your family are on your wall for many years... an investment in your memories

Outdoor Portraits

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